Personnel Lifting

Preferred Personnel Lifters

Historically, personnel lifting has been accomplished using a material lifting winch, or a winch that has been modified to lift personnel.  Unfortunately, accidents have occurred while using this outdated method.  These injuries have been attributed to an overly aggressive line speed, and miscommunication between the winch operator and the rider.  Following a series of unfortunate accidents on land drilling rigs, BLP Solutions developed a new safer way to lift personnel in the oilfield. We introduced the BLP MaxiRider ™ in 1998, and it has been accepted as the new “Standard in Personnel Lifting”.


MaxiRiderMaxiRider ™

The MaxiRider™ has many safety features that make it superior to winches.  The rider controls descent and ascent using a wireless remote control.  The speed of the winch is 35 fpm instead hair raising 90-120 fpm.  The electric hoist has secondary brakes, and if there is a power loss on the rig the rider can swing over to the ladder and climb down, or the emergency descent lever can  be engaged lowered the rider slowly.


Ultrarider ™

The UltraRider™ has the same features as the MaxiRider™ except it is pneumatic powered.  It is most often mounted on the drill floor and pays the wire rope up through a Crosby M-491 Derrick Block mounted under the crown.  The BLP UltraRider™ is often the preferred model on Offshore Rigs and Platforms. Bishop Lifting and is pleased to offer a personnel lifter you can depend on.

Personnel BasketsLiftmax™ Personnel Baskets

Bishop Lifting Products designs and fabricates the Liftmax™ Basket for personnel transfer and transport applications.  This series of personnel lifting devices includes suspended personnel platforms, fixed personnel platforms, and work platforms.  All personnel lifting baskets are rated by capacity, number of persons, and by physical size. Liftmax™ Baskets are fabricated from square tubing, expanded metal, and non-slip flooring.  Inward opening and auto-locking gates, toe plates, stainless steel data plate, and railing height requirements are standard. There are many optional features available to choose from including: single point lifting lug, solid and expanded metal roofs, and custom paint or galvanized finishes.

StandardsQualifications and Standards

BLP is a State of Texas registered engineering company.  Our staff of engineers and designers approaches fifty years combined experience. Our welders and fitters utilize the AWS D1.1 and AWS 14.1 standards for welding and fabrication.  Welders retain multiple certifications on many type of welding from MIG, TIG, and Arc welding.  Our weld inspectors are ASNT Level II certified.  We also issue periodic in-house weld tests to monitor continuous improvement, and keep records on file for goal tracking purposes.


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